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Through Transformational Governance, Relaxury anchors its values and business approach on principles advocating for peace, justice, and robust institutions. This is achieved by implementing the following actions:


SDG 16.2: Proper management of risks related to violence against children, such as child labor and sexual exploitation, within its operations and throughout its supply chain. As a collective effort, Relaxury voluntarily adheres to the Code of Conduct Programa - ICT.


SDG 16.5: Zero tolerance for corruption, bribery, and fraud by top management and across all operational aspects. Financial controls and active tax payment are undertaken as part of these actions.


SDG 16.6: A culture of ethical leadership ensuring more effective and transparent governance with accountability. Mechanisms are in place through which stakeholders can report any corporate conduct. Additionally, ESG performance reporting is established as a means to underpin strategic decisions and provide public information on stakeholder engagement mechanisms and outcomes. This is based on key performance indicators (KPIs) reflecting the company's strategy, objectives, business model, and value chain. These also align with regulatory requirements and Relaxury's voluntary ESG standards adherence, such as the Sustainable Tourism Certification CST - ICT, UN Global Compact, and B Certification.


SDG 16.7: Leadership positions are composed considering diversity and gender equity. Governance and decision-making processes are also made consultative (when applicable/needed) according to stakeholder requirements.


SDG 16.10: Adoption of measures for the protection and privacy of data, including customer data.

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