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The following actions of the Social TransForm Program are based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Principles of the Global Compact, and the Social Progress Index (SPI) in the Touristic Centers of Costa Rica.

SDG 1: Support for volunteering and local social action programs through the Creciendo Juntos Association 

Inicio - Creciendo Juntos (

SDG 1, 8.3: Integration into the value chain of local businesses and support for local entrepreneurship, encouraging their formalization and growth through the TransForm SMEs program, where they are provided with access for their concerns and are encouraged to implement sustainable production practices.

Apoyo a Empresas acerca Prácticas Productivas Sostenibles (

SDG 1.1, 5.1, 8.5, 10.2: Decent and inclusive employment with equal opportunities, treatment, and outcomes, also contributing to the economic empowerment of vulnerable groups.

SDG 3: Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety standards in the workplace, in compliance with the regulations set by the Occupational Health Council.

SDG 3.4: Promotion of mental health by contributing to the well-being and safety of individuals with visual disabilities through the organization FUNDAPROGRESI. Fundación Para El Progreso De Las Personas Ciegas | Fundación para el Avance de los Ciegos | Amigos de Costa Rica (

Likewise, the promotion of equal opportunities, accessibility, and inclusion in tourism is encouraged, regardless of different abilities or vulnerabilities, through the commitment to the Social Tourism with Integrity Program - CST ( and the initiative of the Accessible Tourism Network Dona Tapa Donatapa - Costa Rica Turismo Accessible (

SDG 4: Facilities for professional training for employees, and learning opportunities through the Transformar company's Training Program. The strengthening of work-related skills is also promoted through the ICT Capacita Platform. Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (

SDG 4.1: Support for equitable, inclusive, and quality local education access through the La Paz Community School Scholarship Program. Programa de becas | La Paz Bilingual School Costa Rica (

SDG 5.2: Commitment to initiatives aimed at promoting empowerment and the minimization of violence against women by fostering safe environments through the Red Sofía Program.  Programa Red Sofía - Instituto Costarricense de Turismo | ICT

Support for efforts to protect and safeguard cultural heritage, including indigenous territories like Matambú Adi Matambú | Facebook.  ​That's why we recommend following these tips from the World Tourism Organization to be a responsible tourist: Responsible Tourist | UNWTO (, and taking actions to protect archaeological heritage Tráfico Ilícito « Protección del Patrimonio Cultural « Museo Nacional de Costa Rica (

We encourage you to support these initiatives and programs.

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